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Since Electrolizing’s inception in 1947, our proprietary process has been proven in countless applications throughout several industries as the single most effective coating available to improve wear issues on metal parts, tools, gauges, and mold castings.


Electrolizing assures optimum resistance to wear and corrosion of metallic surfaces. The thin dense coating offers maximum resistance to abrasion, erosion, scuffing, galling, scoring, seizing, cavitational and corrosion wear and fretting of sliding or rolling metallic surfaces.


In the demanding Aerospace, Tool & Die, Medical Devices, Food Processing  Industries where reliability is the most critical design consideration, Electrolizing has been chosen exclusively because of the outstanding success of its wear resistance, excellent anti-seizure characteristics, superior resistance to corrosion, and its conformability to complex shapes.


Among its newest applications— the Nuclear, Data Processing, and Computer Industries. Electrolizing has been used repeatedly to prevent galling of soft metals and to components and to assure longer life for printers, cutters, drives, perforators, memory storage, and retrieval systems.

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Impeller, Turbine (4340) Jet Engine

[Corrosion, high temperature]

Vacuum Ring: Electrolized to add Surface Lubricity

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